My experience with TekSavvy Extreme Cable
· β˜• 3 min read
This is what I was able to dig up from my emails and memory. Something might be missing from the chain, but overall should be enough to connect the dots. I completed the sign-up to Teksavvy Cable Extreme on 19-02-2011, using their modem SB6120.

Install update for ESET Remote Administrator Server
· β˜• 2 min read
For those who don't like to read stories, here's the extract Proceed with installation, even despite it appears to be a clean install. In the end you will get a working version, with all configuration preserved.

Acronis TrueImage 2010 Home not user friendly?
· β˜• 1 min read
I recently upgraded to a larger hard drive and went from 1TB -> 2TB. Now the task was to make backup task in Acronis use the new location. I created new destination folder, moved all previous backups there. Then I changed Acronis backup task to do backups to the new place. Quite obvious so far, isn't it? Not with Acronis.

NTFS compression worth it?
· β˜• 1 min read
Some time ago I researched compression in various systems, ranging from software archivers (like WinRAR, WinZip etc.) to database solutions (like Oracle data compression). Then I figured there is one more type of compression that I did not touch yet - NTFS compression. People on the net say it's pretty much useless, still I decided to give it a try.

Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE - START WITH not working?
· β˜• 1 min read
I googled over many websites explaining the error code and suggesting you do not change it. What if you really need to? One approach is to call NEXTVAL as many times to shift the sequence, so that it starts with your START WITH number (<SW>). A better one is to change INCREMENT BY to a certain value instead, then do NEXTVAL and revert INCREMENT BY.

Mouse lags in top right corner
· β˜• 1 min read
You happen to own an ATI video card, and updated to Catalyst 10.12. Now most likely you have this weird mouse lag in the top right corner of the screen. Some people report it appearing in other corners as well, both while gaming and staying on Windows desktop.

Intel X25-M 80GB (SSDSA2M080G2GC) - usage report
· β˜• 1 min read
I ordered mine on 12-Apr-2010, and it’s December now, so it’s ~6 months of light use, 135 days = 4.5 months of uptime and an average 6GB of writes per actual day, which translates in just a bit over 1TB of writes. The drive already has 1 bad sector, which was remapped about a month ago. Decided to test performance with AS SSD Benchmark, and here’s the screenshot with results.

Disable hibernation in Windows 7
· β˜• 1 min read
If you are like me, and wonder where all the space on C drive went, you might have also stumbled across hiberfil.sys file, which is usually taking a couple of gigs. This is especially important if you are running your system on precious SSD space.

Tortoise SVN - No overlay icons after upgrade
· β˜• 1 min read
Just updated my TortoiseSVN client at home from 1.6.9 to 1.6.11 and found that I can no longer use overlay icons, either in Explorer or in Total Commander (more used to the latter). It appeared as if Tortoise shell extension was not loaded. I tried a restart - same thing.