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G6 + Everest 5.02 = BSOD ?

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Needless to say, that I have always used Everest to pull system information, perform basic testing and see temperatures from the server’s sensors. Not only servers, by the way. Yes, Everest isn’t quite bad, but it’s not the point of this article.


As you probably remember by previous articles, we have some HP G6 servers to play with. And I was quite surprised to see them fall periodically after Everest is launched. Strangely enough, when launched on a randomly picked server, around 33% Everest causes a BSOD. It used to do that on earlier versions and it still does on 5.02. Sorry, no screenshot for today, I just never had a chance to save the screen when THIS happens. To be honest, I never think of taking the screenshot when it happens to any of our servers.


I don’t think G6 are so bad. Really, it’s just a lack of testing. After all, if the software isn’t tested in a particular environment, why is it supposed to run in that environment?

Victor Zakharov
Victor Zakharov
Web Developer (Angular/.NET)