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Windows 7 - Activation Problems

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It all happened after I already had my Windows activated. Basicly, error 0x8007232B started to appear on each startup saying something about DNS/KMS problems. No big deal, however I felt something was wrong with the system. So I went to My Computer/Properties and found that for some reason my copy had 27 days to activate. Apparently, activation was reset due to installation or updates as I didn’t update any piece of hardware. I was actually going to call and argue with Microsoft, but in the end no brute force was necessary.

Technical Specs

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise x86 with latest updates installed.


As you probably have heard, my best friend Google knows everything most of the time, so I just typed the error code in the search box and stumbled across this article:

Hey, I wasn’t alone with this issue. The guy suggested I just reenter the product key and pretend I’m actually activating a new one. Yes, it worked and now I’m happy about that. Thanks, man. You really saved me a bunch of time!

Victor Zakharov
Victor Zakharov
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