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Acronis TrueImage 2010 Home not user friendly?

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I recently upgraded to a larger hard drive and went from 1TB -> 2TB. Now the task was to make backup task in Acronis use the new location. I created new destination folder, moved all previous backups there.

Then I changed Acronis backup task to do backups to the new place. Quite obvious so far, isn’t it? Not with Acronis. Although it picked the right full backup file to append to (shown on configuration screen), it failed on the next incremental backup:

acronis screenshot 1

My backup folder contents (same as old folder, different location):

acronis screenshot 2

The old location was V:\System, as you can see from the log entry #6.
Full backup is 2_26_2011.tib, and it was correctly identified after I changed the folder.

I guess there is another configuration option under the hood.

I was not able to change backup type to full. The problem was user interface again - I could not override the task for that particular option for just a single run and then put it back.

Anyway, I managed to perform a full backup by changing ‘Create a new full backup after’ option to 3 incremental backups, which is exactly enough to make full backup happen (see file list).

Victor Zakharov
Victor Zakharov
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