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Hard Disk Sentinel - Fix real time disk monitoring

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Even though this issue has an official FAQ on this page, I decided to include these short instructions on my blog.


When you click on Disk Performance tab on any disk page, Hard Disk Sentinel says the following:

  • Real time performance monitoring is not supported on this disk

Here is how it looks:

svn error guid forbidden


Works for me most of the time (Windows 7 x64):

  1. Start cmd as Administrator.
  2. Run lodctr /Q to list available performance counters.
  3. Scroll up and make sure PerfDisk is Disabled.
  4. If it is, run lodctr /E:PerfDisk.
  5. Restart Hard Disk Sentinel.

Tested on version 4.20 (latest at the moment of writing).

Victor Zakharov
Victor Zakharov
Web Developer (Angular/.NET)