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My experience with TekSavvy Extreme Cable

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This is what I was able to dig up from my emails and memory. Something might be missing from the chain, but overall should be enough to connect the dots.


I completed the sign-up to Teksavvy Cable Extreme on 19-02-2011, using their modem SB6120.
Receipt email came on 21-02-2011 for 199.90 CAD (cost of modem - discount for buying modem from them + shipping + activation fee + 1 month of the service + taxes).
Order confirmation email arrived later on 24-02-2011.
My service was set to be activated on 28-02-2011 between 5PM-8PM (you can choose the time window).

On 28-02-2011, at 4:55PM I got a call on cell from the Rogers guy. He came in 10 minutes later and explained his part - to make sure cable works (i.e. provides the signal with decent SNR) in the room where I want it to be. Unfortunately the cable which came with the modem was too short and so he laid his own patch to my room. He finished by 5:30PM. Modem and service itself were Teksavvy’s responsibility.


The setup was quite simple. I unpacked and connected the modem, directly to the PC network card. I had to power cycle the modem once, because it did not connect to internet from the first time.
Second time my PC acquired an IP address and the internet was up and running. The service is good so far, with speeds going as high as 65 Mb/s (that’s megabits per second!).
This so called Rogers boost works for only a couple of seconds, and then your speed goes down to 15M, exactly as promised.

I was provided a dynamic IP, with DHCP lease expiring every 24 hours.
This is in fact a static IP, as it never changed after 1 month of service.

Advanced Setup

To distribute internet across all home PCs, I am using an Asus RT-N12 wireless router with DD-WRT firmware (v24-sp2 (08/07/10) mini - build 14896). External NIC must match to that of your PC, if you used the same approach I did and connected the PC first. With DD-WRT you can use MAC Address Clone feature (under Setup). Otherwise Teksavvy cable internet will not make it through the router.

The default TX power is 17 mW.
When increased, the bandwidth increases proportionally, yet becomes unstable, often dropping to zero.
Decreasing TX power merely decreases bandwidth. So I left it at the default setting.
Please note, every TX power change resets the connection.


If you are wondering about my monthly bill, a recent one was for 48.53 CAD, which hit on March 23, 5 days before the activation day (Feb 28), exactly as promised in order verification email.

Victor Zakharov
Victor Zakharov
Web Developer (Angular/.NET)